Robotic touchless car wash - technologies of the future
*Wholesale price when buying from 2 robot sinks - 2,400,000 rub
Car-washer robot DS 360 VS - Car washer robot made in china
Technical Specifications
DS 360
Main Features

- Undercarriage Cleaner

- Side washing of wheels and arches

- Washing Chemicals

- Side foam

- Rinsing without stains

- Wax

- Integrated blow drier

- Voice Alerting

- Parking assistant

Additional Features

Paying terminal

Water softener system

Reverse osmosis system

Automatic gate control unit

Technical information DS 360
Water consumption per 1 bay

300–500 l

Working water pressure

70-100 Bar

Power consumption per 1 bay

Up to 35-45 kW

Power Parameters




The DS 360 is equipment with a single L–shaped console that moves around the car at an arm’s length distance. The touchless robotic car wash is equipped with additional sensors that allow the console to follow the shape of an exterior and get as close as possible to your vehicle, making car wash more efficient.

This is fully automated and touchless car wash complex. The process does not require the participation of an operator, which significantly reduces operation costs, as well as minimizes the risks associated with the staff’s competence.

At the same time, the average customer spend on a touchless robotic car wash is higher compared to a self-service car wash, which guarantees higher payback rate. Individual adjustment of washing programs, remote management and optimization of water, auto chemicals and electricity costs provide the business with competitive advantages.

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